This graph shows our gains and losses since we started testing our model at the start of the 2020 season. Each round our model selected the most profitable bets. We placed €100 on each of those bets.

About the Prophits

Do you want to beat the bookmakers?

The Football Performance Score makes this possible! It’s like buying stocks. You invest money. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you loose.

The FPS is a statistical model that calculates if it wise to invest your money in the result of a football match. The FPS was applied for the first time in the football-season 2020-2021.

The result was very positive as can be seen in the graph down below.

We are scientists and we’ve calculated there is 80 percent chance to make a profit with the FPS in the season 2021-2022. Will this come true?  The results till December 2021 are presented in graph down below

These are the 5 possible bets in our system

Home team wins:1
Away team wins:3
Home teams wins or draw:4
Away team wins or draw:5